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Leni has been been acknowledged for her engaging teaching style, and has presented and facilitated dialogue in Corporate settings, Parent Teacher Meetings, Women's CEO Retreats, Support Groups, and in a National Tour alongside Doctors and their Patients for an integrative approach to Macular Degeneration.  To access Leni's educational services please call or click here: 

Topics that Leni has presented on:


Energy and Mental Clarity:  They have their Roots in Food

Foods & Nutrients are Powerful Tools to Strengthen the Body & Clarify the Mind


Let’s be Clear and Focused:  

Underpinnings of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity


Sleep:  The "Good Medicine"

Learn the Seven Keys to Re-initiate Deep and Restful Sleep

Eat with Ease: 

Digestive Health Issues Clarified

Uncover the root causes and stop suppressing symptoms


Food Intolerances:

Is what’s on your plate preventing you from reaching for the stars?

Hidden Inflammation revealed: 

What do Pain, Mental Fog, Lethargy, & Emotional Turmoil Have in Common

Gluten Sensitivity:  Hidden & Pervasive

You can be Gluten Intolerant yet not have "celiac disease" or digestive symptoms


Happy and Healthy Hormones:  Life in Balance

Nourish the Symphony Within

Organic and Non-GMO foods:  Is there Really a Choice?

Yes, this does touch your life and your dinner table

Detoxification:  The Key to Health

Gently Relieve your body of Stagnation, Inflammation & Toxic Overload 

Break Through Weight Loss Resistance: Your Unique Code

Note: (I have given this talk as a one-event overview as well as using it as a lead into a series, tying together the major keys to break through a weight loss blockade)


Biomarkers for Health: 

Game Plan for Healthy Aging

A Beautiful Clear Mind: 

Dementia Does NOT Equal Aging; Unravelling Assumptions & Empowering your Choices

Peripheral Neuropathy: 

Why a Whole Health Approach is Crucial

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