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To truly reclaim one’s vitality, a “whole health” approach must be taken.  This includes re-invigorating and harmonizing body, mind, spirit, and the environment in which you reside.


Ill health of the body can originate due to an imbalance in the body, the mind, one’s spirit, or a toxic or inhospitable environment.  Many clients notice that they regain mental clarity and equanimity once physical factors are resolved.  Others find that by easing stress or harmonizing troubling emotional issues, physical symptoms resolve or are finally accessible to healing.  The body and mind are inextricably linked.


Symptoms of dis-ease or lack of health are not the problem itself. They are the outermost pointers calling your attention to a deeper, underlying, imbalance.  They tell us where to look.  Nothing is gained by chasing symptoms or suppressing them.  Making symptoms “go away” are like covering up warning lights on a dashboard instead of fixing the engine.  True healing occurs from the inside out.  So, intend to become healthy from the Core.


Nutrition and natural therapies stand alone in some cases, and other times are the perfect complement to conventional medical care in cases of chronic and even serious illness.


Health care starts with Self Care.  Medicine cannot make up for a poor diet and destructive living habits.


Resolve Chronic Health Issues before they become deep life-long patterns.


Healthy living programs are client-specific. Each person’s path to health is in accord with the foundational principles listed above.  However, everyone’s path is unique in terms of needs, timing, and implementation of their process.

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Healing Principles 
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