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UNRAVELING ILLNESS - what Clients are saying:

Stroke Injury, Cognitive Decline, and Speech Recovery

My brother and I had each suffered a stroke, mine was 4 years ago, his was 10.  I had a clot, he had injury from hemmorhage.  Leni guided us both through dietary changes, a process she calls "Biotherapeutic Drainage" and utilized other nutrient and natural therapies. These injuries happened years earlier and we lived a long time with the aftermath.  My brother was especially "locked" in, mostly unable to articulate his thoughts due to speech impairment.  My thought processes were painfully slow and labored but I could speak.  We were shocked  when my brother began to articulate his thoughts and speak more freely and when I began to no longer feel like I was submerged under water.  We had gone to Leni for increasing our overall sense of well-being, cleansing and weightloss.  She said something like "let's bat for a 100 while we are at it".  

Insomnia Cleared up over a Cup of Tea

As a barista at a local cafe, Leni and I shared friendly chat when she came in for tea.  One day she casually asked how I was doing as she waited.  Exhausted, I said, not sleeping through the night.  She asked a few questions, recommended I experiment with some suggestions over the next few days, and the advice literally put an end to the insomnia that left me sapped. Whoever thought insomnia could be from low blood sugar?  Thanks Leni!  P.B., San Ramon

Migraines for a Lifetime Resolved!

As a woman entrepreuneur in Silicon Valley, I was plagued by migraines that would not yield to any of the strongest of pharmaceuticals used by migraine sufferers.  What were the "bugs" in the system? In my industry we trouble shoot by taking a fresh approach.  I sought out another perspective.  Instead of focusing solely on "stopping" the pain, Leni focused on "drainage and detoxification" opening up the liver & other organs that she said "unburden" my body at the same time she tested to identify food sensitivities I had not even been aware of.  The result? Over a few months, migraines lessened in frequency and severity until no more!   R.T., Santa Clara

Sleeping Soundly Now

Years of sleeping only 2-3 hours a night are past. I feel refreshed and balanced – and this was more than I even hoped for - merely a “side effect” to losing those last 15 lbs.  Lean mass is up, work-outs are better, and clients say I’m looking radiant.            CD  - Palo Alto

On the Spectrum & Early Brain Injury - now age 24 and living a fulfilling life

Thank you, Leni, for your dedication and efforts these past 6 years. My son experienced more progress in the first year than in 18 years prior to working with you. I could not believe that natural therapies could have such a profound affect on the result of early brain trauma and Spectrum Disorder. As these years have progressed, we have resolved so many overwhelming issues: volatile emotions and outbursts, obsessive compulsive issues and behaviors,  auditory processing issues, sensory overload, difficulty regulating body temperature, extreme sensitivity and reactions to noise and other inputs, depression and anxiety.  I have seen his daily life, self esteem and confidence transform! It has brought relief and more peace to the whole family. Even this past year, he has exhibited a huge shift in his ability to contextualize and verbalize his thoughts and impressions.  I always believed he thought deeply, but now he communicates his perceptions and his kindness.  And he is now working full time.  All parents with maturing children "on the spectrum" will understand the import of this!  Thank you for guiding this process, and at the same time heeding and honoring my input while walking hand in hand on this journey. Your respect for his (and our family's) journey is received at heart.       D.P., Los Gatos

Aware of and Counting my Blessings

A traumatic childhood fraught with paternal addiction haunted me and the fall out overshadowed my youth and the consequences still ricocheted into my adulthood. Despite being blessed by faith and a good family of my own, I was plagued by guilt at how much more goodness and grace I received while seeing other family members still suffered.  As my work with Leni progressed, I found myself resilient, going with the flow, grateful for my blessings, even playful and lighthearted. I became able to pinpoint a problem when it arose and resolve it; instead of being subjected to depression or anxiety for days. A physical knot in my belly - or was it emotional? - unwound. The continual inner turmoil was over and I became able to "open and receive".  The greatest gift: I came to forgiveness.   All this while physical health was also restored. Leni spoke about the body and mind being two sides of a coin.  I get it.  J.D.C., East Bay

Gluten Intolerance's Far Reaching Affects - A Kaleidoscope of Issues -

Already sure that I had non-celiac gluten syndrome (NCGS), I was racked by anxiety over everything I put in my mouth -- unsure if it was tainted in some way and I would react. My stomach felt swollen yet hollow; and even if I leaned against something the pain was intense. I'd suffered for almost 20 years from mental fog, lack of clarity, eczema, & I was said to have IBS. Several months earlier I discovered that what I thought was a shingles outbreak was a well-known gluten syndrome - a type of dermatitis. (Well-known, that is, only if you "know" it exists.) Within one month of Leni's "biotherapeutic drainage program" the mental fog had lifted, my mood was brighter, and despite having an exposure I was set back for a much shorter time.  Fast forward  month by month, my intestines feel calm, a reaction would set me back for less than 24 hours, feeling stronger, energetic, bounced back quickly when others at work were down for weeks with the flu, and my "gut" is no longer the compass for every moment in life.  It is liberating.                         W.D., Walnut Creek

Food sensitivities, Learning Challenges, Behavioral Inconsistencies 

Leni’s understanding of my 3 year old son’s individual situation was responsible for immediate improvement to the health of his body. His messy stools were rapidly cured.  Food sensitivities, focus, and ability to learn continue to improve as we work together to restore his health.    K.D., Danville 

Post-partum (after Child-birth) Anxiety

Two and a half years post delivery of my 2nd child, I still suffered from anxiety/depression and fatigue. Anti-anxiety meds weren’t helping. Leni developed a list of potential factors and suggested a hierarchy of tests to ask my doctors to run. The approach was comprehensive & coordinated. We revealed some unrecognized issues and ruled out others.  Even the dietary modifications to my already good diet, while awaiting results, began to reap benefits.    AF, Walnut Creek

Working as a Team

Having a child with a unique complex of issues, Spectrum related, we’ve made it our business to learn everything possible about the factors involved. It was gratifying to learn that Leni’s approach is inclusive--not authoritative; she is comfortable participating with us as a team member. – K.D., San Ramon

Support during the Chemotherapy Process

The process of chemotherapy for breast cancer was  gruesome. Because I am hypersensitive to medications and have a delicate digestive system, post-treatment recovery was complex. Leni contributed to a game plan that made post-treatments more tolerable.  She also helped me connect with a network of other health professionals that became key to my support.   - CF Lafayette

Severe Eczema in 2 year old - yet new to Natural Therapies

My 2 yr old son suffered from severe eczema (for which we were using medications but unsuccessfully).  I decided to look for an additional approach. I was relieved to learn from Leni that I didn’t need to stop anything we were doing medically. Due to the intensity of his suffering, the stress of being torn between "two worlds" would have been too emotionally trying.  I might never have gotten started. Leni said we had to get to the root of why a little child would have this condition. In addition to using what she called "suppressive" pharmaceuticals I included her approach.  In fact, the therapies I’ve utilized with Leni have produced relatively rapid, visible & tangible improvements to his rashes, digestive discomfort, and bowel issues. – JDT, San Ramon.

Weight Loss - Delicious and Satisfying, Echoing Sentiments by 2 Clients

13 pounds in 8 weeks, purely with  healthy eating and by detoxifying.   This is a way of eating I can stay with for the rest of my life.               T.M. -  Berkeley

Dieting always failed. I lost but always gained weight back. With your approach, I exceeded my weight goal (67 pounds now) and I haven’t gained an ounce back! I’ll eat like this (and enjoy it) for the rest of my life.             M. B,- San Jose


Athlete:  Bicycling, Asthma & Recurrent Pneumonia

As a high level athlete while young, I developed persistent lung congestion due to training winters in cold, wet weather. Twenty years later, the lung restriction continued to affect my training capacity, summer & winter.  I suffered numerous bouts of pneumonia. Leni’s method of cleansing & then building the strength of the lungs & respiratory system paid off. I still enjoy training with serious athletes, and my improved performance is noticeable.  J. M, Danville

Chronic Fatigue

Seven months ago, I coud barely walk from the house to the car to my desk at work.  Only 43, I was overwhelmed with fatigue, pain & mental fog. Medical tests gave no diagnosis.  Leni's program has been demanding and rigorous. I still have a way to go, but I have my health back. A few days ago I ran eight miles.   - Joe F., Antioch

Post - Lyme Recovery

Once I moved past active Lyme (Borrelia) in my system, I was left with post-Lyme issues that were not responding to therapies:  leaky gut, systemic candida, a compromised liver and other issues.  Thanks to Leni's expert knowledge and dogged determination, my health is significantly better.  -- James J.,  S.F. Bay Area

Irritable Bowel & Joint Pain

In just one short month I've found a way of eating that doesn't irritate my G.I., and the pain in my hands and feet has disappeared.  With that as a basis, I can continue on to actually heal my intestines.  My health history was lengthy and Leni did not proceed until she had a complete overview.   Jill D, Danville

Reclaiming health after Lyme treatment

Two years of medical Lyme treatment has taken a toll on my digestive system. In 6 weeks with Leni, I went from feeling like something was "rotting inside" to feeling normal.  Leni is one of the most talented practitioners I've worked with in the 8 years since I've been sick.  She constantly tailors my program to current needs as Lyme symptoms change from day to day.       - Aine O, San Jose

Chronic Pelvic Pain & Urinary Tract Infections

Continual UTI's and chronic pelvic pain persisted over years.  Stymied, my doctors could only manage them pharmaceutically. Without Leni's diligence, I would still be in and out of doctor's offices, frustrating them, and being depressed. I no longer dread getting older, but welcome it with open arms. -- R.A., East Bay

Son age 5 “changed” -- and still not resoved a few months after the bad fall

Finally he is doing GREAT!  I completely followed your program and we have our old son back. He’s so happy and in great form and actually skipping around the place, smiling and full of energy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!!  So profound a change for such simple interventions!  -   O. A. - Los Gatos

Five-year old son wetting pants daily and bed nightly

My 5 year old had regressed with potty training when a sibling came along – but for two years - yikes! We needed help for fear it would affect his self-esteem as other kid’s teased him in kindergarten and it was getting worse in first grade.  Within a few days on your program, his day time accidents (about 3 accidents a day) ceased.  We are now focusing on accidents. while sleeping. You also helped me see his reactions to people and events in a new light. This has been a great help to me in our mother-son dynamic. I like your approach:  Cleanse, Build, Balance      -  San Ramon

Fertility and Pregnancy for Three Happy Moms and Dads

Mom #1:  Following 6 years of no conception, in 3 months I was pregnant.

Mom #2:  I conceived after 6 months following 4 years of no conception.

Mom #3 - I am now holding a pregnancy for the first time in my life,  after 4 months of nutrition & natural therapies.   --  SF Bay area

Tantrum's Rule the Roost

My 6 year old daughter’s tantrums and outbursts were unpredictable.  This tiny little child’s anger was overshadowing our family life. As though she had slept on the wrong side of the bed, she would “flip” so quickly in the morning.  She kept saying there was a “good her and bad her”.  Within the first month on Leni's program, she was happier, more content, less angry, more sweet & loving.  Home life has thankfully improved for all of us.  My husband (truly relieved) calls them the happy remedies and thinks we should all have them!!       - San Jose 

Digestive Mystery in Toddler Resolved

For 2 years my 3 year old son would cough until he’d vomit. This happened frequently and could be any time of day or night. Even the local medical university could not find a cause.  I decided to look for an alternative and heard about Leni.  After 2 days on gentle, natural therapies the coughing & vomiting stopped. Period. Now, retaining his food, his energy picked up & he now keeps up with the best of them.   – L. A, Danville

Weight Loss & Chronic Pain

Three months and fifteen pounds ago I thought I had fibromyalgia and  the beginning of arthritis.  Unbelievable that simple foods, nutrients and detox strategies could make the weight slide off and symptoms vanish.  -  Jeff C., San Ramon

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