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Leni Felton 

Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Natural Therapies Practitioner

I want my clients to have what it takes to meet their challenges:  to work hard, play with passion, love with gusto, and to dream richly!

Seeing health restored to a client is like witnessing a miracle.  Yet, it is won by daily focus, effort, and practice.

By listening carefully and teaching clients to engage in a healing process, I enjoy helping them unravel even the most complex knots of ill-health.

I  look forward to accompanying you on your way of health.


 Ready?  Let's do this!


In my early years I had a passion for dance choreography – the designing of dances.  It was said that my dances unfolded purposefully – conveying a central theme. 


I  treat my clients likewise:  Choreographing your healthy living program and adjusting it as the dance of vitality begins to move in you.

My Invitation:  Join me in this dance of health.  I’ll lay out the steps, you follow.  


Leni Felton is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, specializing in nutrition and natural therapies and healthy living practices for those who seek to optimize their health, and those with chronic health issues. She has been in practice since 1995, consulting with individuals at her office in San Ramon and making house calls where she resides in Marin and throughout the Bay Area. 

She was on staff at Gracer Medical Group in San Ramon for 6 years.  Earlier in practice she worked at Preston Wynne Spa, the award winning Saratoga spa where she developed spa-friendly nutrition and cleansing programs. Leni was and is an early practitioner of the now popular system of Metabolic Typing, for which she co-taught a nutritional seminar for doctors & adjunct health practitioners.  In 2002 she discovered the profound influence of German drainage therapies on the success of her clients. From there Leni's passion with the art intensified and was fueled as she began studies in 2004 with Dickson Thom, DDS, ND, master teacher of Biotherapeutic Drainage in the United States. In 2008 she had the privilege to study with and gain certification by the esteemed French medical doctor, homeopath, and professor Gerard Gueniot, MD, in the practice developed by him of Terrain Homepathy.

Leni's  Bachelor of Arts came from Rutgers University, Class of 1976, where she completed requirements for a Bachelor of Science and then changed her academic focus to Dance Choreography with a concentration in Dance Therapy.  An outgrowth of this was a 20 year study of the meditative arts, yoga, and dietary and detoxification strategies.  In 1995 Leni completed requirements for Certification by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board.  She is a professional member of the prestigious International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists ( who are setting an academic standard in the field of nutrition. 

Although working with people of all ages and conditions, Leni takes delight seeing those suffering from significantly debilitating chronic issues reclaim their energy, hope and vitality, and seeing health issues of young children yield to gentle nutritional therapies.

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