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A Clear Mind

A Clear and Harmonious Mind

My mentors told me:  the art of re-establishing health in complex Developmental Issues and Cognitive Decline is to "accompany" the person on their journey as their body and mind unwind the tangled knot of dysfunction. 


Use natural therapies to gently open the body’s outflows in order to unburden the system while you work to nourish and soothe the nervous system. Know that the person's body and mind will guide and assist the process if you do your job.


Your job?  Be vigilant!  Watch, listen, encourage & provide the support, tools and assurance needed by the client, and the understanding required by the family or caretakers, as the process unfolds.


Do not fear or battle physical symptoms or behavioral expressions just because they are visible.  They are not "all there is."  They are the expression of an underlying system that is out of balance.  Even serious damage or birth injury can be mitigated.  Every gain you achieve will reveal the child/adult within who can rise to a higher level of thought, functioning, sociability, and purpose."


My mentors were right!  My mission is to continue to prove them right with each and every client/family I am honored to work with, as we harmonize delayed or atypical development or turn around cognitive decline.


Unleash your Capacity for Greater Fulfillment

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