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My Clients:

Parents with “sick kids.”

Resolve childhood illnesses through nutritional & natural therapies before they become deep lifelong patterns. 


People with chronic health issues that are not resolved from a purely medical context.  

Nutrition and natural therapies are the perfect complement to traditional medical care in cases of chronic & even serious illness. 


Those plagued by symptoms that “fall between the cracks” of diagnosable health issues.

This is often the most frustrating area for doctors and patients.  Through good diet, adequate nutrition, sufficient exercise, and an individually tailored plan, balance is restored.


Health Enthusiasts & Athletes

Those seeking to maximize their physical and mental capacities. Endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination, longevity--the beauty only health provides.  You are as strong as your weakest link.

“My clients Practice Health.  In so doing, they are empowered and their health gains reflect it.”                                                                       Leni Felton, CCN

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