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Coaching and Guidance

What you do yourself -- day in and day out -- Eat Healthy, Work Healthy, Play Healthy, Sleep Healthy--will liberate you from sickness into symptom-free living.  
Your health is within reach, in the "palm of your hands", but getting there requires a clear and positive Health Plan.  Together we will set goals relative to Food, Lifestyle, and Movement / Exercise.  Then I will outline your plan.  
As you implement your Plan my role is to help you maintain your focus, to anchor you, to build baby steps into strides, and strides into "the art of living".  My clients learn by their successes.  Feeling better is the most persuasive tool.  I love it when my clients arrive at the simple statement:  "I feel so much better.  Why trade this well-being for choices that will leave me fatigued and deflated?"  
Together our goal is not an outwardly imposed image of "perfection". It is to learn from experience, cultivate healthy choices, and to reap the harvest. Together we find the way!

Foundational Eating Plan or Metabolic Typing Diet

Nourishment is the ground upon which your Healthy Living Program rests. Your Plan will open Nature's Medicine Cabinet and help you find a way of eating that you can comfortably partake of as your daily baseline.  This will include nutrient rich vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils and fruit, along with nutrient dense flesh proteins and, if vegetarian, plant based sources.  This will be supported by Juices, Teas, Botanicals, and therapeutic supplements abundant with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.
A healthy diet is a resilient diet - not a "perfect" diet.  What you come back to day in and day out, your touchstone for healthy living, is what we we will identify.
Depending upon what your starting point is (in the spectrum of healthy eating), you may start with an Anti-inflammatory diet, a Mediterranean diet, a modified Paleo diet, or the more sophisticated Metabolic Typing Diet. Metabolic Typing, developed by William Wolcott of Health Excel, is a system of identifying the diet that will match your metabolic style of functioning.  
When your foods and nutrients match your metabolic style of functioning, you will garner the lion's share of cellular energy production.  Through this, your physical well-being improves, mental clarity improves, and cravings subside because the body/mind is nourished and satisfied. 
Key to your success will be the specific identification of any food sensitivites or intolerances which are co-opting and over-burdening your immune system.

Biotherapeutic Drainage

At the heart of every program I develop are the Practice and Principles of Biotherapeutic Drainage. This is a system of gently encouraging the tissues to release toxins and it is a method of harmonizing functioning of the body and mind.  It is accomplished by using gentle liquid homeopathics, single homeopathics, gemmotherapies and phytogens (tinctures made from the embryonically rich tissues from trees.)  They have been formulated to encourage a physical and mental rejuvenation.  In our culture and time of life, achieving health is dependent upon what burdens are removed.  This allows the body to do what it innately knows how to do (function well) when the ground is cleared. I am honored to have been and still am an avid student of the deeply insightful master teacher, Dickson Thom, DDS, ND, who taught me how to think and how to listen.

Terrain Homeopathy

The art of Terrain Homeopathy, developed and taught by Gerard Gueniot, MD; is a method of acknowledging and accompanying each individual on their healing journey to unravel the knot of dysfunction and to reclaim health. It addresses the temperament of the client, the mode one's body utilizes to protect or regain balance, and addresses the energetic veils cloaking the vital core. It is the simplest practice for the client to implement, yet it's impact is the most profound. Terrain Homeopathy reaches deep to the core and at the same time elevates the healing journey to the heights of well-being. Encompassed by Terrain Homeopathy is the practice of Biotherapeutic Drainage and the re-establishment of the Microbiome. The brilliant and insightful Dr. Gueniot, along with his discerning colleagues, have developed and teach this art.  Though Dr. Gueniot himself has passed away, he lives in the vitality and health reclaimed by clients facilitated by the practitioners he taught. I had the honor to be Certified by him in the practice of Terrain Homeopathy.

State of the Art & Functional Laboratory Testing

State of the art Laboratory Testing is where science and natural therapies shake hands.  We want to know more. We need insight.  We need a WINDOW into the underpinnings of your health disturbance.  We need a way to assess the degree to which your functioning is altered.  We need a means for early detection and early intervention so Prevention is not a theory but a practice. We need a way to track progress.  
Most of my clients are unaware of the plethora of tests that are available -- IF you look outside a conventional approach which is governed by bureaucratic limitations.  Science has ushered in a new age of tests -- yet many of these state of the art tests are not included in "menus" sanctioned by insurance.  (Some are, however, so don't be deterred!) Don't be blind-sided or limited by the common denominator which obstructs adopting the New.  Remember, the medicine and health technology of the future is being developed all around us.  The future is already Now. 
As your Clinical Nutritionist, the art of selecting tests is to respect your finances, to be strategic in choosing tests at the appropriate time, and to utilize tests which provide the most comprehensive view. Utilizing testing is not the end in itself - it has to provide us data upon which we can act.  Together we will explore which, if any, tests will be valuable for you.  Some of my clients love "numbers", they use numbers and technology in all other areas of life. Why not here, where the most intimate insight is required -- one's own bio functioning -- to restore the greatest form of wealth:  Health.  They want objective markers to use to track their progress.  For others, who have exhausted a conventional approach and still have no insight we are looking for "hidden factors" which when identified influence the evolution of their Health Plan of therapies. 

Re-establishing a Healthy Terrain

Since starting my nutrition practice, I have focused on establishing a healthy terrain.  I understood that we are more of an "ecological environment" than isolated individuals, and that the prevalence of healthy gut flora was key to health, digestion and assimilation.  The early "eclectics"  told us that health starts in the intestines -- and so does illness.  We now know that 70% of the immune system is in the "gut" and we now know that the gut is called the "second brain".  Research has shown that when people re-establish a healthy microbiome (gut ecology) they bounce back from seasonal illnesses AND any tendency to depression or anxiety is mitigated.  


Now, almost 20 years into my practice the human microbiome project is identifying the nuances of the gut and systemic ecology - but the basic health truths were already in the "palm of our hands." We have spent years fighting bugs and germs, but Claude Bernard, a Frenchman at the time of Louis Pasteur, said "The terrain is everything, the germ is nothing."  I am honored to have learned about the true implications of cutting edge research from Nigel Plummer, Phd., of England who has informed my thinking on the subject since 2004.  

Healthy Activity, Movement, Exercise

Research confirms what we already know - movement nourishes and frees up the body and the mind. Whether it be chi flow, strengthening muscles, enhancing circulation to the brain and extremites, the metabolizing of stress hormones, or "merely"  the miracle of "Breath", the impact on health is established.  


For me, with a background in dance, movement is where I feel free. Swimming and that moment of bouyancy are exhilirating.  Let's find some level of moving that you actually enjoy --and build upon that! Clients who are the most debilitated find, as health begins to "dawn", that movement is an ally to the continuation and deepening of their body's vitality. Having a body that is capable of moving is a blessing beyond compare. We can use it to further the healing journey.

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