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Leni's Response:
Health issues or conditions are often the result of a progression:  where the body is increasingly more out of balance and the mind is clouded by this inefficiency. Perhaps, the mind has become overwhelmed by physical infirmity, sorrow, trauma or stress.
Symptoms crystalize and are finally called a "condition" when they are more exaggerated or are frequent. People tend to overlook symptoms when they are small, and only pay attention and act when they interfere with daily life - either mentally or physically.

It is the imbalance or inefficiency at the root of an issue that needs to be addressed and halted. In fact, many chronic health issues simply "fall between the cracks" of clinically diagnosed conditions. A person can stay for years in a state of imbalance, not feelng right yet accepting the current state as their new "normal".  Justifying it by "I'm under stress, I'm aging, or I have to get back to the gym."  
Turn the question around: Ask,  "How healthy can I be?"  This is where nutrition, natural therapies, and a healthy living plan come in.  Health lies within your hands, within this body/mind that is out of balance. 
I am not working in opposition to medical care.  I work alongside it.  I work to support a person's body and mind in order to regain their natural efficiency.  I am a facilitator.
A founding principle of natural therapies is to work "with Nature".  To support the very functions the body naturally uses to maintain "homeostasis" (which means a resilient functioning or "balance" -- a very good definition of health). As my mentor said, "Accompany the body and the mind", don't suppress them. (Don't overstimulate a tired body and don't numb an anxious mind.)
This is why I distill my approach into Three Steps:  "Cleanse, Build, & Balance" (Cleanse -- Drainage and Detoxification;  Build -- deeply nourish and strengthen through foods and nutrients and provide raw materials and building blocks to rejuvenate a healthier you; and Balance -- enhance cellular energy production and support the symphony and communication of the cells, organs, and glands.) 
I was fortunate, early on, to learn about detoxification strategies and later in my evolution as a practitioner to learn how to effect this gently through a system called "Biotherapeutic Drainage".  In this day and age, our bodies and minds are overwhelmed by environmental toxins, stressors, and by the decline of the nuclear and extended family. 
I find that regaining health now requires a big focus on unburdening the body and mind and soothing the nervous system. If we were dealing only with "lack" then the traditional role of the Nutritionist - to provide good food and raw materials and to identify food intolerances might suffice.  These are elements of the "Building" or nourishing step. However, now all three steps are equally crucial:  Cleanse, Build, and Balance.  Clients enjoy using natural therapies because it connects them with the healing power of Nature which is Essential.  (Please click on the Menu Bar above "Our Roles" and read the sub menu page "Healing Principles".)
Healing is an art and a science - a "both - and", and a dance.  I have trusted these principles and each person's innate power to heal.  I have not been afraid to reach high, and I have not been disappointed.  Seeing a client reclaim their health is like witnessing a miracle.  I have learned to expect it yet never to take it for granted.   - Leni 
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